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Camberley Home Transformation: Enhancing Natural Light and Elegance

As glazing professionals, we’re often tasked with finding ways to bring more light into homes. With this property we achieved this by transforming the conservatory into a beautiful and bright space that seamlessly blends the indoors with the outdoors. We also replaced the windows and doors with modern uPVC windows, a striking Chartwell green composite front door and patio doors. Let’s take a close look.

View from the end of the back garden of a home in Camberley showing the newly installed uPVC Windows, Patio Doors and Ultraframe Conservatory with a Climateguard active roof glass

The Brief and the Client’s Goals

Our customer aimed to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Maximise Natural Light:
    Enhance the brightness and openness of the conservatory and living spaces
  2. Improve Aesthetics and Privacy:
    Install a stylish composite front door and privacy-focused uPVC windows
  3. Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Transition:
    Incorporate patio doors to create a smooth transition to the garden

Products Used

Chartwell Green Composite Door

A striking entrance to the home, this door features:

  • Elegant Appearance:
    The Chartwell green colour offers a unique and stylish entrance
  • High Security:
    Robust design and materials ensure safety and durability

uPVC Casement Windows

We installed a uPVC window with satin obscurity glass:

  • Privacy:
    The obscured glass ensures privacy while allowing light
  • Elegant Design:
    Add sophistication and complements the overall look

Ultraframe Conservatory with Climateguard Active Roof Glass

For the conservatory, we used an Ultraframe system with Climateguard Active Roof Glass. Key features include:

  • Exceptional Thermal Performance:
    Maintains a comfortable temperature year-round
  • Neutral Tint:
    Floods the space with natural light without overheating in summer

Patio Doors

The addition of patio doors enhances the conservatory’s connection to the garden:

  • Seamless Access:
    Easy and secure transition to outdoor spaces
  • Energy Efficiency:
    High thermal performance ensures comfort throughout the year

Unique Challenges and Bespoke Solutions

Blending Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

The primary challenge was creating a seamless blend between the conservatory and the outdoor garden.

Bespoke Solution

The Climateguard Active Roof Glass installed with the patio doors achieved a smooth transition, enhancing the sense of space and natural light.

Timeline: Efficient Project Execution

The project commenced with a detailed survey and planning phase. Installation of the conservatory, windows, and doors was completed within two weeks, ensuring minimal disruption and a flawless finish.

The End Result

A Home Illuminated: Style, Security & Comfort

The installation of the green composite door, uPVC windows, and Ultraframe conservatory has transformed this Camberley home. The outcome includes:

  • Enhanced Natural Light:
    The Climateguard glass and patio doors flood the conservatory with light
  • Improved Aesthetics:
    The Chartwell green door and elegant uPVC windows add style and sophistication
  • Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Transition:
    Patio doors create an easy flow between the conservatory and garden

Our customer’s home now enjoys improved natural light, looks great and achieves the intended goal of merging the indoor and outdoor spaces.

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