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Three Counties - Conservatories
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Types of Conservatories

At Three Counties we have been designing and creating conservatories across Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire for many years and will be able to help you discover the right choice of conservatory to suit your home, your style and your budget.

Three Counties - Conservatories - Orangeries


An orangery is a combination of a traditional home extension and a conservatory. With a base of brickwork that suits your home and completed with tall glass windows and a stylish lantern roof. If you’re looking for a really stunning addition to your home with plenty of wow factor then consider an orangery.

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Three Counties - Traditional Conservatories

Traditional Conservatories

A classic conservatory can be built to your exact requirements so you get the shape and style of conservatory that is right for your home.

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Three Counties - Glass Extensions

Glass Extensions

A glass extension is a modern choice that will add a high performance glass veranda to your home.

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Three Counties - Lantern Roofs

Lantern Roof

A lantern roof will add the illusion of space to your home, as well as letting lots of natural light come pouring in.

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Choosing Your Conservatory Colour

Gone are the days when you were simply limited to a white conservatory, our conservatories are available in a range of stunning colours and finishes so you can create something truly bespoke that suits your taste.

If you want a traditional wooden style for your new conservatory then one of our wood finishes could be ideal for you. Choose from rosewood, Irish oak, golden oak or mahogany depending on the style and colour you would like. If you simply love the traditional conservatory style then our white foil and cream finishes will suit your taste.

Or is it something modern you’re looking for? Then black, slate grey and dark grey will be chic options that are popular with many modern homes. If you love that old English village vibe then our popular chartwell shade offers a pretty pastel tone that is increasingly popular.

Three Counties - Colour - Foiled White

Foiled White

Three Counties - Colour - Cream


Three Counties - Colour - Slate Grey

Slate Grey

Three Counties - Colour - Dark Grey

Dark Grey

Three Counties - Colour - Black


Three Counties - Colour - Chartwell Green

Chartwell Green

Three Counties - Colour - Irish Oak

Irish Oak

Three Counties - Colour - Golden Oak

Golden Oak

Three Counties - Colour - Rosewood


Three Counties - Colour - Mahogony


What to Consider

If you are considering having a conservatory added to your home then first think carefully about what you want from it. You may have many reasons for wanting to build a conservatory and understanding your needs makes it easier for us to create something that is perfect for you.

If the answer is yes then you will be pleased to know that all our conservatories come with advanced double glazing technology - meaning that each conservatory is secure and energy efficient - so you won’t be feeling cold in those winter months.
If we know that your garden views are important to you then we can ensure your conservatory is designed with your garden in mind. Perhaps bi-folding doors that enable you to really open up the space would be right for you.
Your house is not only a home, it’s also a huge investment. We will work with you to create a conservatory that is sympathetic to the style of your home and will add value to your house.
If you plan on using your new conservatory as a dining and entertaining area in your home then a stylish orangery could be the perfect conservatory choice that will really impress your guests and your neighbours.

A Brief History of Conservatories

So where did the idea of a conservatory even come from? The word conservatory is actually a hybrid of the old Italian word "Conserverto" meaning a place to store things and the Latin word "ory" - meaning a place for. Back in the 17th century conservatories were used as a place to store plants and protect them from the cold and they certainly weren't made of glass! But as time has evolved, the conservatory took on a more aesthetically pleasing style and in modern times conservatories are beautiful new additions to any home.