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What Your Front Door Says About You

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‘Never judge a book by its cover’ is a phrase that is ultimately difficult to follow, research by Dulux and colour psychologist Karen Hall has revealed that Brits unconsciously assume a person less than 10 seconds after seeing the colour of their front door. What’s your immediate reaction when you spot a front door painted in a surprisingly bright shade?

Whether or not we realise it, the colours we choose to surround ourselves with, in clothes, cars and homes reveal a lot about us. So what does the colour of your front door say about you?

Three counties black composite front door
Three counties blue composite front door

Red Front Doors

Red is the colour of passion. Vibrant lively and exciting and so is the person behind the door! People who paint their doors red are often perceived as the most welcoming and hospitable hosts.

Black Front Doors

Black is a colour of sophistication, it’s classic and authoritative and gives off the impression that this is a place of control, much like one of the world’s most recognisable doors – 10 Downing Street, playing host to one of the most powerful people in the UK. Painting your door black can give the impression that you are a confident person.

White Front Doors

White is the colour of perfection, it gives people the impression that a clean and organised home lies behind the door. People who paint their doors white are perceived as minimalist and efficient.

Yellow Front Doors

Yellow is the colour of joy and happiness and is a less common colour to see, it generally attracts more second glances than other colours, and in fact, taxis in America are yellow for this very reason. A yellow front door gives people the impression that a cheerful home lays behind the door and people who paint their doors yellow are perceived as jolly and happy-go-lucky.

Green Front Doors

Green is the colour of nature and harmony, it gives the impression that a well-balanced and family-oriented home lays beyond the door and people with green doors will be perceived as humble and hard-working – all great qualities to have in a home, don’t you think?

Don’t Just Take It from Us

Karen Haller, Applied Colour Psychologist agrees: ‘The front door is traditionally the first impression the outside world gets, and gives an insight into your life. Taking pride in the exterior of your house not only improves the aesthetic of your home but can also add to the perceived value. A small change can make a big difference.’

Chances are, you probably adopted the colour of your home’s door from a previous owner. If you have been thinking about a change you can use our free front door designer tool which allows you to create your dream door customising the frame, colours, style, glass and more!

How often should I replace my front door?

A front door can last for years, however, when the quality starts to deteriorate a new door can save you money on your utility bills, here are a few tell-tale signs that it’s time for a replacement:

  • Does it open and close properly? – If there are gaps under or around the sides of the door you may find yourself running up your heating bill to combat the drafts.
  • What’s the aesthetic condition? – Although some doors simply need a paint job, constant weather exposure can lead to cracks, dents and rust.
  • Have replacement parts become expensive? – With older doors, replacement parts can become hard to find and expensive.
  • Do the door hinges squeak? – Not only is this irritating but it is a door’s cry for help and oiling can only go so far. Hinges wearing down can indicate that the door itself isn’t far behind. Loose hinges can compromise your security, as the door would be easier to force open.

Can a New Door Add Value to Your Home?

Many factors contribute to the value of your house, and return on investment plays a big part in the improvements people decide to undertake before selling their house. The ‘kerb appeal’ of a property can add up to 10% to its value, this includes everything from a new front door and clean windows to simply cleaning the gutters and weeding the garden.

uPVC or Composite Doors

Although there is no measure of which of the two is better there are a couple of differences to be noted before you buy a new door:

  • Composite doors are generally more secure and have a longer lifespan than uPVC
  • Composite doors are available in more styles and colours
  • uPVC doors are cheaper to purchase and install
  • uPVC doors can offer slightly better energy efficiency ratings
  • They both excel over hardwood doors in energy efficiency and maintenance needs

Feel free to browse our range of both uPVC and Composite Doors and see which better suits you.

Create The Perfect Door for Your Home

At Three Counties we know there’s no better way to make the right first impression of your home than invest in the perfect front door, create you’re dream door and make the impression you want! Call us today on 01252 414800.

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Paul Wallis
Paul Wallis
We recently decided to replace our front door, and could not be happier with the result! Thanks so much to Kate, for her time and understanding. Cannot say enough good things about the installation, and Cameron was tidy and efficient. It's been a pleasure to work with Three Counties recently, doors and windows. Many thanks!
Danielle Horsley
Danielle Horsley
Lovely looking door
Agatha W
Agatha W
Three Counties have been superb, their customer service is great and their workman were polite, cleaned up after themselves and the workmanship is excellent!! I am very pleased with their work and would happily recommend them.
Tom Winter
Tom Winter
Excellent service!! We had 21 windows and 3 doors installed and very happy with it all. The process from start to finish was stress free and Ron and Lee who installed the windows and doors were great. Would definitely recommend!
Phil Redhead
Phil Redhead
Just had my tatty old windows replaced by Three Counties, and it’s been a highly professional job from start to finish. Communication from the administration team was prompt and courteous at all times, and installation ended up being much quicker than advertised projections. Installation was without issue and the lads who did the work were amenable to my requirements and did an excellent job. Very happy with the entire process. Three Counties were recommended to me by friends and I can certainly now recommend them to others.
Mark Boyce
Mark Boyce
Bought two new windows and a new front door from Three Counties, was very impressed with the attitude of all staff, who were friendly and informative. Price was good, and installation completed without a hitch - very happy with the final product, and would definitely use again.
Paul Picknett
Paul Picknett
We have just had all our windows (18) replaced, french doors (20 and side panels (2) by Three Counties. We could not be more pleased with their workmanship and the finished product. They left the property incredibly clean after each day, and this despite the messy nature of ripping out old windows and frames. We were kept informed at each stage and a minor snagging issue was resolved promptly and efficiently after installation. A first class service. We would not hesitate to recommend Three Counties.
Anna Trevelyan
Anna Trevelyan
Three Counties have now installed several windows and doors on our house and they're always my go-to company. I used another before I discovered them and they let me down, but I absolutely cannot fault Three Counties. From the moment you contact them they're courteous and professional, and they keep in touch with timescales and installation times. Friendly installers too, who go above and beyond. You'd think all this great service would cost more but they beat other companies on price. Highly recommended and trusted, I'd never go anywhere else now.