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Kubu smart sensors. Kubu is a revolutionary smart home security system that uses high-tech sensors to monitor the status of your doors and windows in real time. Three Counties Primary Logo

Three Counties Now Offers Kubu Smart Home Security Sensors!

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Quick Kubu FAQs

How Secure is Kubu?

Kubu is extremely secure and prioritises user security. Unlike some systems, Kubu doesn’t allow remote unlocking via your phone. This means that even if someone hacks your phone, they cannot unlock your door.

Kubu collaborates with leading global hardware manufacturers to ensure all “Works with Kubu” locks meet the PAS24 security accreditation as a minimum requirement.

Can I Get Kubu for My Home?

While Kubu offers exceptional security benefits, existing doors and windows may require compatibility checks. Kubu integrates seamlessly with Aventis locks, which Three Counties also supplies alongside other lock options depending on your needs.

Making Your Home Smarter and More Secure in Camberley and Surrounding Areas

Three Counties is proud to announce that we are now certified Kubu Pro Installers! This means we can offer our customers the latest technology in home security with Kubu’s smart sensor range.

What is Kubu?

Kubu is a revolutionary smart home security system that uses high-tech sensors to monitor the status of your doors and windows in real time. Whether you’re at home, at work, or on holiday, Kubu will keep you informed of any activity and provide you with peace of mind, sending instant alerts to your smartphone if anything suspicious happens.

Why Choose Kubu Smart Security?

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Smart Alerts
  • Smart Home Integration
  • Door and Window Security

Real-time Monitoring

Kubu sensors give you instant notification on your smartphone whenever a door or window is opened, closed, locked, unlocked, or even left ajar.

Smart Alerts

Receive timely notifications straight to your phone to remind you about locking doors, alert you of unexpected activity, or even warn you about bad weather.

Smart Home Integration

Kubu integrates seamlessly with other smart home devices, allowing you to control lights, thermostats, and more directly from the Kubu app, creating a truly automated home.

Door and Window Security

Kubu offers sensor solutions for both doors and windows. The discreet door sensor fits seamlessly into your existing multi-point lock, while the innovative window sensor can detect if your window is fully closed, locked, ajar, or even in night-vent mode.

  • Kubu Door Sensor:
    This discreet sensor fits seamlessly into your existing multi-point lock, providing real-time updates on the security status of your door. Three Counties ensures your door lock is Kubu compatible.
  • Kubu Window Sensor:
    Kubu’s innovative floating window sensor moves with your window, detecting if it’s open, closed, locked, in night-vent mode, or even not quite fully locked.

The Kubu App: Real-time Security at Your Fingertips

The Kubu app is the command centre for your entire home security system. With the Kubu app, you can:

  • Receive Real-time Notifications
  • Schedule Notifications
  • 7-Day Access History
  • Share Access with Family
  • Geofence Smart Alerts

Receive Real-time Notifications

Through the Kubu app, you’ll get instant alerts on your phone whenever a door or window is activated. As long as you have a mobile data connection, you’ll receive status updates straight to your phone.

Schedule Notifications

Program the app to send notifications at specific times, reminding you to check if the doors are locked or unlocked.

7-Day Access History

View a detailed history of all activity on your doors and windows over the past seven days.

Share Access with Family

Grant access to the Kubu app to trusted friends and family, allowing them to monitor your home when you’re away or check on elderly relatives living alone.

Geofence Smart Alerts

Kubu’s Geofence Smart Alerts provide an extra layer of security. Never worry about accidentally leaving your home with the windows or doors unlocked – Kubu will send you an alert if you travel too far away while windows or doors are left unsecured.

Ready to Upgrade Your Home Security with Kubu Smart Monitoring?

Need to talk to the experts?

Contact Three Counties today to discuss how Kubu smart sensors can add a layer of security and peace of mind to your home. Our experienced team can answer any questions you may have and guide you through our installation process.

Make your home smarter and more secure with Kubu.

Call Three Counties today!

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David Bryant
David Bryant
Very happy with our new door . The support team kept us up to date on everything and the guys on the installation team were early , friendly and professional. Great value all round
Kate Hulbert
Kate Hulbert
Was looking for a new front door, to replace our tragically 80's monstrosity. The Three Counties website was great as i could see and design the door i wanted and then get a quote for it. The sales team was really quick to respond, and not at all pushy. A survey was easily arranged, to confirm sizes etc and the installer turned up precisely on time, was super friendly, efficient, neat and very tidy. Whole process took about 4 weeks, beginning to end, and I now have the door of my dreams! The only downside is my neighbors keep pestering me for details of who did the job. No hesitation in recommending Three Counties.
Nikki Wade
Nikki Wade
I'm very happy with my new conservatory - Mark and David did a brilliant job of the build and resolved any issues I had to make sure everything was finished to a really high standard.
Dominic Blood
Dominic Blood
This is the second time I have used Three Counties , a few years later and in a different house this time. It’s great to see the quality of the windows and workmanship have remained 5*. A stress free installation from start to finish, all windows installed have transformed how our 70s style house looks and now no worries of mould as a result of the old timber framed windows. The Installers who completed our job were amazing, and I mean amazing! Hard working, extremely skilful at their trade, polite and very tidy. Each day when they left they hovered up and left the place in the best condition they could. The whole process from the initial quote , measurements and dealing with the office team before and after the installation has been a true pleasure , if only all businesses were as efficient as this. Highly recommended for anyone considering new windows or any other products they provide and I won’t hesitate to use them again. Thank you Three counties!
Kim Stevens
Kim Stevens
I shopped around and three counties came in at the most reasonably priced, and I used the buy now pay later option. Really happy with my new door and window, which were both fitted in one afternoon. The customer service was very good throughout and everything went smoothly.
I had some windows fitted a few years ago and have recently had a problem with one of the locking mechanism failing. I called 3 Counties, who had a base call out charge, where a lovely lady took my details, refered to my file and we agreed a date when the fitter would come out and inspect the issue. Paul arrived bang on time and was very helpful. He checked the window, confirmsd the issue and promptly fixed it there and then with a replacement part he had on board his van. He was polite and knowledgable. Very efficient. Thank you 3 Counties.
samie dowling
samie dowling
I had new windows fitted and they look amazing, make such a difference. House is much warmer and soundproof! Staff were very professional, done the job so quickly and cleaned up after. Would definitely recommend.
Ywain Martin
Ywain Martin
Excellent service throughout the process. Very happy
Victoria Stone
Victoria Stone
Very happy with our new windows. Fitters were respectful and tidy. From start to finish. Thanks again.